Transformers UK: Issue #108

Story: Gone But Not Forgotten! (Part 2)
Back-up strip: The Inhumanoids
Cover date: April 11th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Don Perlin (story) Herb Trimpe/Robin Bouttell (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Even Predaking, the galaxy's greatest hunter, is unable to withstand the might of Megatron!

On Cybertron the Predacons are gearing up for their latest hunt. Once again their quarry is the powerful (yet unstable) Decepticon leader Megatron and this time they have to be sure to finish the job. Transforming into their earthen modes the quintet journey cross the interdimensional space bridge where they are welcomed on Earth by Shockwave. He tells them that Megatron has forgotten their last encounter, but they must switch their Decepticon badges for Autobot ones, to make the attack all the more authentic. Shockwave jets away to join his comrades on their new island base while the Predacons take up their positions and wait.

Before long the quarry arrives. Human holidaymakers at a clams bar, observe the red sports car of Deadend storming down the winding roads at 80mph. Out of sight he transforms, as does his passenger Megatron. Vortex ferries Deadend to the nearby island base leaving Megatron alone and expecting Optimus Prime to make his move. Instead he finds himself confronted with five animal-like Transformers, who promptly mount a swift (and deadly) assault. As Rampage tears a new opening in Megatron's head, the Decepticon leader spies the hated Autobot insignia. Clearly Optimus Prime has sent these minions to destroy him - but Megatron will show them who is the stronger! He repels Rampage and Tantrum just as Divebomb and Headstrong attack. The rhino's horn pierces Megatron's side and the mighty Decepticon is now spewing smoke and circuitry - but there's no sign that any of this is slowing him down!

As Razorclaw opens fire Megatron is sent cascading into the clams bar. The holidaymaker flee in panic as Megatron rises to his feet and renews his offensive. Razorclaw chooses his moment and pounces, tearing off the right-hand-side of Megatron's face. The Decepticon's fury seems to be only further fuelled by this outrage and all five decide to hit him at once. Meanwhile as the other Decepticons begin transferring energy from the sea across the space bridge, Shockwave breaks off his supervision to go an check on Megatron. He finds that things are not going well!

Even with the weight of numbers on their side, Megatron is just too powerful. It's time to even the odds a bit and Razorclaw gives the order - Predacons combine! The five merge into the greatest hunting machine the galaxy has ever known - Predaking! Megatron appears tiny before his giant adversary and has to move fast to avoid a blast from Predaking's gun. Shockwave soars into view and offers Megatron his help but the Decepticon leader needs no assistance to destroy his enemies. He propels a tree at Predaking, wounding him, before unleashing a deadly blast of his fusion cannon. Predaking falls leaving Megatron to raise his hands in victory - none can challenge him!

Later at the new Decepticon base, Megatron is still on a high from his recent victory. He now accepts that Prime is dead, and he's only thought otherwise because he'd been denied the opportunity to kill him himself, but now Megatron realises that his power is without equal. Were Optimus still alive he would destroy him too! A Decepticon warrior examines the unconscious Predaking and discovers a disk within him; Soundwave plays it back and Megatron hears the voice of a traitor in his midst. Shockwave ordered the Predacon's attack and the price for treachery is immediate death. But Shockwave has one last card up his sleeve, he tells Megatron that he had recorded major portions of his personality on to the disk and had controlled the Predacons as surely as if he had been in the battle himself. It is a lie but Megatron takes the bait. His thoughts skip back to Ethan Zachary's lab and sees an image of the human holding a similar disk - it must have contained Optimus Prime! The thought that his adversary still lives is enough to tip Megatron over the edge and he steps on to the space bridge, determined to go where Prime cannot follow. As Megatron fires indiscriminately the bridge starts to explode and vanishes, taking the Decepticon leader with it! As the sun begins to set it appears that Megatron's tumultuous reign is over and Shockwave commands once again. Soundwave congratulates him on his victory but the new leader cannot take full credit. Although things went precisely to plan it was not Shockwave who destroyed Megatron... a memory did!



How tough is Megatron? Even against a giant opponent such as Predaking he still kicks ass and goes to prove that an insane Megatron is all the more dangerous. Meanwhile the exposed face only makes him look even more barmy! Megatron's only weakness it seems is the thought that Optimus Prime might come back from the dead to destroy him. Last issue he was being driven mad by the thought that he had waited millions of years to destroy his arch enemy and lost the opportunity. You would think he would welcome Prime's return so he could destroy him. In the US continuity this would be the last appearance of Megatron for more than two years (aside from flashback stories) and he would eventually show-up in the Dead End of Cybertron. In total contrast we would see him in issue 125 and pretty much constantly thereafter until the continuities collide in the 1989 story Two Megatrons.

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