Transformers UK: Issue #104

Story: Resurrection (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Inhumanoids
Cover date: March 14th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Will Simpson (story) Geoff Senior (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Unable to defeat Prime and Magnus, Megatron unleashes deadly power of anti-matter!

For the assembled Earthbound Autobots this is the end. Optimus Prime, the greatest Autobot who ever lived, is dead and his followers face an uncertain future. They now gather around a huge grave and headstone, while Ratchet delivers a eulogy. Prime's death may have come in mysterious circumstances but it almost certainly in battle against the Decepticons and upholding the principle of defending freedom and innocents. As a fitting tribute they have decided to bury his body in accordance with Earth customs, although two of the recent arrivals, Blaster and Perceptor, silently disapprove of this crudity and this Prime should have been shot into space instead.

Light-years away on Cybertron, a far from dead Optimus Prime addresses the Autobot resistance in untypical style: he wants Megatron's head today! The Wreckers are to create a diversion by raiding a Decepticon Fuel store, and Prime accompanied by Ultra Magnus will sneak into the Decepticon stronghold in Polyhex. The mission will be risky but Prime knows he must return to Earth soon and cannot risk leaving Megatron behind. In the fortress in question, Megatron has more than a few things on his mind - or rather, someone in his mind! Lord Straxus' attempt to switch bodies (see last issue) appears to have gone awry and the Megatron that survives is overcome by some sort of amnesia. Thoughts from both commanders now swirl around his mind and he is unsure how to respond to Ratbat's warnings that an attack is in progress! Ratbat tests his leader and realises that all is not well.

Shortly afterwards Megatron wanders into familiar face - Optimus Prime! He is not alone as Ultra Magnus also appears and starts beating Megatron up, saying he has been looking for someone to unleash his anger on since Impactor died (UK#88). With his battered and confused body laying defenceless on the floor, both Autobots point there guns towards his head. An execution is not Prime's style, and wishing there was another way Prime reads Megatron his last rights. With his mind elsewhere though, screening out the words Megatron concentrates on his rare and unstable ability to generate lethal anti-matter energy. His eyes now glowing insanely, the explosive force pushes the two Autobots away, giving him time to rise while preparing to unleash its full force regardless of the consequence for himself and everything for miles around!! Ratbat and Octane now have the situation on screen, and realising the insanity raging inside Megatron's Straxus-ridden mind, it is obvious they must get rid of him and fast! Ratbat orders the space bridge to materialises around the trio, and teleport them to Earth, which it does. He turns to see the Predacons who have just arrived from Earth to try and locate the Decepticons' missing leader, and learning that he is now back on Earth, Razorclaw thinks Shockwave is as good as dead!

On Earth a hesitant Shockwave watches as Megatron stares into nothingness after his sudden return to their coal mine base. He realises he can expect no mercy for scheming against his commander, but amazingly Megatron has forgotten all about it! Soundwave scans his mind and confirms a kind of amnesia that has Megatron in its grip. Shockwave reflects on his good fortune and knows he now has another chance to remove Megatron from command. Elsewhere, the Autobots surround the grave to say their final farewells, when suddenly there is a huge flash and Prime appears alive and well! The silence is broken when Prime sincerely approves of his warriors choice in funeral (only Optimus Prime could gatecrash his own funeral!) and the explanations begin. Meanwhile, an undisclosed distance away Ultra Magnus stands alone on the strange world that is Earth. By some good fortune his wish to return to this planet has been granted, and in no particular rush to locate the Ark he realises that this could just be the beginning of his adventure....



Something disturbs me about Prime and Magnus ganging up on Megatron, it's just very unlike an Autobot to behave this way, and more like something their enemies would do. Having said that if anyone deserves to have the crap beaten out of them it is Megatron! Interestingly he uses his little seen power to generate anti-matter and this is the first time we've seen this since issue 21, a long time ago. It is very convenient how the space bridge deposits Prime and Megatron at their respective bases, seeing as they could have ended up anywhere! The Decepticon's amnesia seems a little too convenient but as we will see later, this was necessary so that an upcoming US story would make sense. In 'Gone but not Forgotten' the Predacons hunt down Megs and he behaves as though it were their first meeting, so amnesia is a good way to explain it. Interesting that Blaster and Perceptor advocate blasting a fallen Autobot into space as tradition demands. They must have more influence in the Autobot army by issue #109 as this is exactly what happens.

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