Transformers UK: Issue #102

Story: Fallen Angel (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: Feb 28th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Jeff Anderson (story) Geoff Senior (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

The Dinobots take revenge on Galvatron for slaying their good friend Centurion!

Since arriving on Earth the Cybertron seven have been fried by Circuit Breaker, been prisoners of RAAT, witnessed Skids' violent disappearance, and more recently been attacked by Galvatron. Blaster notes that life on Cybertron used to be hectic but compared to Earth it's a picnic!

He now opens fire as Galvatron lays into the Dinobots. The crazed Decepticon meets Grimlock's brute force in kind and floors the Dinobot leader. As he prepares to slice him with his own energo sword, Blaster transforms into his casette deck mode and unleashes a further burst of sonic energy. Galvatron falls to his knees and becomes all the more confused and insane. He starts to mumble threats against the Autobot leader of 2006, Rodimus Prime, and throws Grimlock's sword at Blaster. The Autobot has no time to evade it and it looks like death is certain... but at the last moment Swoop seizes Blaster and airlifts him to safety. That was a close call! The Dinobots take advantage of the diversion and converge on the enemy, Sludge floors him and Slag roasts Galvatron with his fiery breath. Any ordinary opponent would be finished but as the Dinobots will soon learn, Galvatron is no ordinary Decepticon!

Shockwave, the present day Decepticons' leader, arrives on the scene with a platoon of his warriors. He had been expecting to find Megatron but instead sees the Dinobots locked in battle with an adversary he hasn't seen before. Soundwave explains it is Galvatron and Shockwave guesses that he might have returned this time to wrestle command from him. He decides that his best interests are served if they aid the Dinobots on this occasion.

As Galvatron emerges from his fiery baptism he casts Blaster and the Dinobots aside. Swoop takes a blast to the chest and is floored. Laying dazed and defeated he glances at the dismembered head of Centurion. The mechanoid's apparent death had been the catalyst for the battle and now it looks like the Dinobots will fall too. Suddenly Centurion speaks to Swoop telepathically. He reveals himself as Professor Morris, the human who once possessed his mind, and tells Swoop that they still share a mental link. Morris makes him an offer - let him take control of Swoop's body once more and together they can take the fight to Galvatron. Swoop daren't submit to Morris' control again but deep down he knows it is the only way. With Dinobot and human minds united, Swoop roars into life once more and attacks Galvatron from the air. As he pecks frantically at the Decepticon's face, Shockwave's forces join the fight and open fire. Galvatron, in his confused state, curses Rodimus Prime for turning his own side against him and decides to flee. Swoop moves to follow but is ordered to stop by Shockwave. Logically the Dinobot cannot hope to best Galvatron alone and it is best that they all take stock and plan for the next encounter.

Shockwave decides that further action against the Dinobots would also be a waste of resources - he has bigger fish to fry. However he leaves Swoop with an unsettling thought - when Galvatron returns the Dinobots are likely to be his first target, and once he expends his energy destroying them Shockwave will attack - and the Decepticons will be triumphant.



Just how much punishment can Galvatron take? Not only has he fallen from orbit and landed intact but he also is able to absorb attacks from the Autobots, Dinobots and Decepticons simultaneously. Professor Morris is officially one of the good guys this issue after atoning for the indignities he inflicted on Swoop in issues 45-46, however he's now left without a body to control. Perhaps this means he will have to leave the Triple I vault and turn himself in? Not quite yet because Centurion will be back in issue 25 for a final swansong before being junked permanently. I'm curious as to how Blaster has acquired his Earth mode. He turned in to a weird looking communications device on Cybertron and is his recognisable cassette deck self when he transforms in this issue. The same goes for Warpath who is seen becoming a tank (last issue), having lost his Cybertron mode. The roots of Shockwave's long-running rivalry with Galvatron are planted here, when he sets his warriors on the future Decepticon.

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