Transformers UK: Issue #101

Story: Fallen Angel (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: Feb 21st, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Will Simpson (story) Alan Davis (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Galvatron is back from the future and Centurion is the first to feel his wrath!

Skids leads the Cybertron seven - Blaster, Perceptor, Cosmos, Seaspray, Beachcomber, Warpath and Powerglide towards the sanctuary of the Ark. The group were recently freed by Circuit Breaker after helping her to defeat the Battlechargers and are now looking forward to a quieter time. It is not to be because Skids is suddenly engulfed by dark anti-matter and vanishes out of all existence! All that is left is the tell-tale scorched earth, indicating that someone has arrived from the future and deposited the Autobot to Limbo.

Nearby, Centurion observes what looks like a meteor plummeting to Earth and goes to investigate. After all Centurion is controlled by a scientist Professor Morris and is drawn by the unknown. He crouches at the edge of the impact crater and a hand reaches out and seizes his wrist!! It is Galvatron the crazed Decepticon leader of 2006, who now begins to tear him apart mistaking him for Rodimus Prime! When Galvatron's rage subsides he remembers being thrown out of Unicron into space by Rodimus and using his timejump trigger to return to the past. His planet fall must have left him disorientated and caused him to mistake Centurion for his hated foe - ah well he thinks, no great loss!

A little while later Perceptor spots a Transformer approaching and realises its a Decepticon (Galvatron infact). A fight is the last thing they need so Warpath and Perceptor fire a warning shots across his bows. He responds by blasting the pair of them into unconsciousness! Shockwave sees the distant explosions and thinks Megatron may have returned to seeking revenge so his assembles his warriors to meet the threat. At the battle scene Galvatron is beating the cr*p out of the Autobots when Blaster hits him with some high frequency sonics, causing the earlier madness to resurface! But before he Galvatron can attack the severed head of Centurion lands at his feet! He turns to hear Grimlock declare 'that head belonged on the shoulders of a friend of ours' and the Dinobots will make Galvatron pay!



This issue features one of my favourite teams and I'm not even talking about the Dinobots! I mean Simon Furman and Geoff Senior delivering a quality script that is excellently illustrated! The scene with Galvatron destroying Centurion is awesome and gives you a real idea of the amount of raw unchecked power he has. Galvatron is incredibly dangerous and nobody apart from maybe Rodimus Prime can stop him! Always good to have the Cybertron seven back, and in particular Blaster as he is one of my favourites, but I don't think Simon Furman has the same feel for him that Bob Budiansky has. You can tell that Bob has a genuine affection for Blaster and puts him centre stage in so many of his stories, making him a favourite with the readers too! A small nitpick though, why were the Cybertron seven walking back to base in the first place? They all have vehicle modes and apart from that we know the Ark has shuttlecraft. Surely it wouldn't have been too much trouble for someone to pick them up? Also RAAT's headquarters is in New Jersey, on the east coast of America, and they are walking close to the Decepticon base in Wyoming when they run into Galvatron! That is a hell of a long way for such and inconspicous bunch and Oregon, where the Ark is, is even further.

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