Transformers UK: Issue #41

Story: Christmas Breaker
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: December 28th, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: James Hill
Artwork: William Simpson (story) Mike Collins/Mark Farmer (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Poor old Jazz falls foul of Circuit Breaker again. This is not what he wanted for Christmas!

With Optimus Prime finally able to rest after his long capture ordeal by Shockwave, it is conveniently just in time for Christmas. While Buster organises the decorating of the Ark, the event and what it symbolises for humans is still something of much bemusement to the Autobots. As Brawn and Huffer put the finishing touches to the tree, Jazz asks Buster to re-explain the Christmas spirit to him. It seems Jazz is still upset at the way humans react towards Transformers, attacking all of them because they are unable to differentiate between Autobot and Decepticon, and this despite the Autobots' non-hostile actions. As Buster starts to explain he realises that he is going to be late seeing in Christmas with his dad, so Jazz's offer of a lift is gratefully accepted.

Elsewhere Circuit Breaker is walking through Buster's town of Portland and reading the Local paper featuring the stories of the freed Decepticon prisoners. It would appear that since her last run in with the Transformers (UK#34), she accepts there are two different factions, but she wont accept that both are not a threat. As she angrily reminds herself of the past events which lead to her current predicament, she vows to destroy every last Transformer. While she continues walking she comes across some children ice-skating, one of whom has suddenly fallen through the ice. While the helpless crowd desperately try to save the young girl, Circuit Breaker leaps into action - easily melting the ice and pulling the young girl free. Despite appearing to be too late, a gentle electricity burst restarts the girls heart, all this while the stunned crowed watch on. After the girls life appears to have been saved, the crowed cruelly turn on Circuit Breaker believing her to be initially responsible. The name calling is more than she can take, and in her delirious state she starts to see hallucinations of robots around her. After she regains herself she decides its best to leave, quickly flying off.

Jazz and Buster meanwhile reach Portland at speed, but the icy road suddenly proves treacherous and Jazz spins out of control, transforming as he does to compensate for the fall. Buster meanwhile has landed heavily on the snowy path, and as Jazz goes to check on him Circuit Breaker appears overhead. She soars down and attacks Jazz, while he suddenly remembers just how close he was to death during their last battle (UK#34). As Jazz pleads for her to leave him alone, Circuit Breaker's earlier event would appear to have left her in a far less merciful mood this time around. Just as she moves in for the kill, Buster recovers in time to plead for Jazz's life when suddenly church bells can be heard behind them. Buster's watch says midnight and therefore Christmas day. With this, Circuit Breaker decides to spare Jazz a second time, however she vows that next time will be his last. Jazz realises that it was Christmas that saved him and starts to realise just how special it is.



This is Circuit Breaker's only UK exclusive appearance and she now seems to be able to fly without magnetically bouncing off nearby metal objects. Annoyingly she's up to her old tricks of descriminating against Autobots! In Circuit Breaker's mind Soundwave appears with drill for fingers, looking even more menacing than before. The seeds of the next epic, Crisis of Command are laid as the Autobots question where Optimus is fully his old self. Some seem embarrased that their leader is wearing a Santa's outfit as an indulgence to Buster (can't think why) but where did he get a suit that big anyway? This issue sees Ratchet take over the letters page for a special one-off edition of 'Rat-Chat'.

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