Transformers UK: Issue #38

Story: Brainstorm (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: December 7th, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Herb Trimpe
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Buster uses the Matrix to disessmble the lifeless Jetfire and rebuild him to serve the Autobots! Are the tables about to be turned?

Buster and Jessie bike towards the falls unaware of the danger that awaits them. Although Buster would like to explain why he has been acting strange lately, Jessie is deliberately avoiding the conversation and rides on ahead. Using the power of the Matrix, Buster remove the master link from her bike chain and she soon stops. Both seem genuinely sorry for the argument they had a while back, and as they make up they are found by Sparkplug. Bumblebee and Bluestreak also arrive, having followed Sparkplug, but high above is unwelcome visitor in the shape of Laserbeak!

Shockwave is not unsurprised to learn that the Autobots made contact with Buster. He programs the mindless Jetfire to seek out the human and he soars out of the plant to complete his mission. Bumblebee explains to Buster this power he possesses, but the youth is reluctant to admit anything in front of his father. Suddenly they are under attack from Laserbeak and Jetfire, and the Autobots are powerless as the jet fighter evades everything they throw at him. Bluestreak's missile finally scores a hit but Jetfire feels no pain, convincing Bumblebee that this opponent is not alive. He tells Buster he has the power to control any unliving machine and he agrees. Buster rises and unleashes the Matrix - with Jetfire exploding spectacularly.

After a moment of silence, Buster stands alone while his father and Jessie look on in shock. The Autobots explain that Buster has the power to reassemble Jetfire, and give him new commands. He is sorry for lying to his father about the power he gained, but Sparkplug believes that his son's motives were honourable. Bumblebee knows the Decepticons will hunt Buster as long as he has the Matrix, but perhaps Jetfire can be used to defeat the enemy and rescue the head of Optimus Prime...

Epilogue: The Autobots make their was towards the Decepticon base while continuing to eavesdrop on the conversations inside. Shockwave has decided that Optimus Prime no longer has the Matrix and will be terminated immediately!



Buster is the Transformers equivalent of a Jedi with his mind powers this issue. The scene where he unleashes his full abilities on Jetfire is awesome and definately warranted the full page treatment it gets! I wonder why Prime doesn't use the Matrix when fighting the Decepticons because it would make a deadly weapon? Granted it can't control living machines but the ability to propel non-living metal and construct/deconstruct it must have a lot of potential. Soundwave's letters page is a hugely enjoyable feature of the comic, much better than the old system where the staff responded politely to readers. Soundwave's comments about neuro-shocking the printers for mistakes in previous issues is amusing as is his response to a reader who writes in asking if Prime created all the Transformers with the Matrix. Definately not we are told! The origin is a story that we will eventually see in issue 150.

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