Transformers UK: Issue #37

Story: Brainstorm (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: November 30th, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Herb Trimpe
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Shockwave is furious to learn that the Creation Matrix has slipped through his hands, and launches an investigation to find out who has it!

Buster lays on his bed reading a book about advanced physics in the hope of understanding what has happened to him lately. All the while metallic objects levitate around him, he knows this amazing ability he has gained has something to do with what Optimus Prime did to him back in issue 24. His father calls him from downstairs, and as his concentration lapses the objects around him crash to the ground. By being able to fix cars at a thought, Buster's father has gained the impression that his son has been teaching himself about auto-mechanics - something he actually hates. While he leaves to help his father on a break-down call - he fixes his walkman that smashed when it fell at a simple thought.

Meanwhile at Blackrock assembly plant - now the Decepticon base, the huge military presence watch with frustration as "Mozzarella Mike" drives his pizza van into the plant to feed the captured workers. Inside, Shockwave is pleased at the rising productivity levels of the human slaves, but calculates Optimus Prime's efficiency at a less than zero (as if he needed logic to work that one out). With the Matrix essence inside Prime's mind gone, the Decepticon's latest warrior Jetfire is destined to remain lifeless. Shockwave begins to suspect that Prime has transferred the Matrix somewhere, but where and to whom?

While we see the Autobots continuing to secretly monitor the goings on in the plant, Shockwave summons Rumble. Interfacing with Rumble's cerebro circuitry, Shockwave probes his memory for any disturbances while Rumble was guarding the Ark, and sure enough he captures a glimpse of a human sneaking past. Laserbeak immediately recognises the human, and Optimus Prime fears for Buster's safety. The consequences will be all his fault! The Autobot evesdroppers realise that they must get to Buster first and Bumblebee and Bluestreak are dispatched.

Back inside the assembly plant, Shockwave gives Mozzarella Mike a cassette to hand to the Army chiefs when he leaves. Outside the recorded warning is soon being heard by the people in charge, ordering them to fall back 12 miles or face termination - they have little choice. At the Witwicky's garage, Buster and his father return from their earlier breakdown call to be greeted by Jessie (Buster's girlfriend) - and an invitation for Buster to join her for a bike ride. No sooner have the pair left when Bumblebee arrives, but Sparkplug is not particularly pleased to see him. His warnings of danger for Buster are dismissed and he refuses to help, but soon after Bumblebee leaves, Sparkplug jumps in his car and heads towards the falls. As his car disappears up the street, Bluestreak takes up the tail - the chase is on...



The end-game has started with Shockwave discovering the Prime no longer has the Matrix. He is one smart cookie and it doesn't take him long to find out that Buster infiltrated the Ark and escaped with the Matrix. Its quite clever how he does it, by probing Rumble's mind, even if it is a painful experience for the mini-Decepticon. Shockwave demonstrates his ruthlessness, and evil in his lack of compassion for those who serve him. Rumble is definately in his commander's bad books now and will have to watch his step. In the Decepticon army failure comes with a heavy price. You have to wonder why the rank and file are willing to serve. Jetfire, the newest character (and Hasbro toy) is about to get his showcase in the comic and since we know he is part of the Autobot toy range, we know there will be developments ahead. Sparkplug is still determined not to have anything to do with the Autobots but his family are destined to stay involved in the Transformers' war whether they like it or not. It is good to see the attractive Jessie again and she must think a lot of Buster to overlook his recent mood swings. At the last encounter he was ordering his girlfriend and 'O' to leave him alone. Soundwave's intro blurb on the comics Transformation page has been printed in yellow and is barely legible. Oops.

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