Transformers UK: Issue #34

Story: Dis-Intergrated Circuits (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: November 9th, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Mike Manley
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Circuit Breaker unleashes her fury on Wheeljack and G.B. fears she has become as bad as the robots who caused her accident.

On the eve of the unveiling of G.B. Blackrock's anti-robot weapon, Josie Beller confronts her old boss as Circuit Breaker. She has coated her body in circuitry, reversing her paralysis, and enabling her to harness the awesome power of electricity. Circuit Breaker tells Blackrock that she will be his secret weapon in the battle against the robots. G.B. is awed by her new abilities but has no wish to involve her further in his private battle. He turns down Circuit Breaker and she storms out determined to wage war.

The next day Blackrock is at his race track when a porshe skids alongside and forces him in. G.B. is stunned to find that no-one is driving, and what's more the car has a name - Jazz! The Autobot explains that he represents a group who are trying to stop those who captured the aerospace plant and rig and they should team-up. He offers Autobot protection in return for a supply of fuel but Blackrock is deeply sceptical. They are chased by a patrol car and Jazz drives straight through a barrier and over a cliff, transforming as he does so, and catching G.B. before he hits the ground. A Decepticon would have let him bounce a few times says Jazz, and despite this odd way to start a partnership Blackrock agrees to the deal.

Soon he is preparing to wow the media with his supergun and Jazz and Wheeljack are parked up nearby just in case. The gun is a big let down as it simply fizzles and dies - and then Circuit Breaker steps up offering Blackrock a way out of the predicament: he can simply unveil her as the secret weapon! The businessman knows when he's cornered, but suddenly Starscream and Frenzy attack. Jazz transforms to battle Frenzy but cops a powerful burst of electricty from Circuit Breaker! Blackrock tries to stop her but she seems too blinded by hatred to listen. In her eyes all robots are evil and must be destroyed! As Wheeljack takes down Frenzy, Circuit Breaker attacks Starscream. Wheeljack stops to thank her for the helping hand and she retaliates against him. Starscream recovers and flees with the smouldering Frenzy, and Blackrock pleads for the lives of his Autobot friends. Circuit Breaker spares them but announces her debt to her former employer paid - in future she will not be so generous.



An issue of mixed fortunes for the Autobots. They now have a longterm ally to supply their fuel needs but a new adversary committed to their destruction as well. Circuit Breaker is a welcome addition to the series but it is very frustrating how she keeps picking on the good guys! Ironically she becomes the very thing she seeks to destroy: a cold, unfeeling machine!

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