Transformers UK: Issue #33

Story: Dis-Intergrated Circuits (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: November 2nd, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Mike Manley
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Josie Beller as Circuit Breaker


By Omega Steve

Thirsting for revenge, Josie Beller has returned as the robot-busting avenger - Circuit Breaker!

G.B. Blackrock takes a break from his business empire to race cars at the speedway he owns. He is interupted by a visit from the military who are concerned about his well-publicised plans for a super weapon capable of destroying Transformers. General Capshaw feels it will whip up panic and it would be better for to leave the army to sort of the giant robots. But Blackrock has shareholders to pacify and the loss of an oil drilling platform and aerospace plant is definately bad for business. He goes to visit the semi-paralysed Josie Beller who is recovering in a Blackrock hospital. As they talk it is clear to G.B. that Beller is highly motivated to get even with the robots, perhaps disturbingly so. She has considerable technical skills to bring to the task, and demonstrates a small flying machine she constructed which could fly by using magnetism to repel itself from ferrous objects.

Elsewhere the landscape close to Mount St Hillary is awakened by the sound of dozens of vehicles simultaneously driving and transforming. The Autobots have risen and Ratchet now verifies that the are back in proper working order. Everyone checks out except for Jazz who remains in his vehicle mode - apparently listening to Madonna's Material Girl. His internal radio then picks-up an interview with G.B. Blackrock in which the businessman boasts of his new anti-robot weapon. Jazz is angered that G.B. should tar all Transformers by the same brush in a public broadcast, when in fact it is the Decepticons who are solely responsible for the attacks on his plants. Jazz decides that there may be a way to educate G.B. and to solve the Autobot's immediate fuel crisis as well. With permission from the acting commander Prowl, he departs the Ark accompanied by Wheeljack.

At Blackrock's erstwhile aerospace plant, now in Decepticon hands, Frenzy has also heard the broadcast. He starts blowing off steam by trashing a jet and attempting to maim one of the human workers. Shockwave has no time for such outbursts and unleashes Buzzsaw who slices Frenzy's weapons like tin foil. The mini Decepticon quickly steps back into line, and Shockwave warns him that further insolence will result in Buzzsaw aiming for his wrist! Starscream sees an opportunity in stealing the human weapon and using it against his new commander. He suggests to Shockwave that the troops are restless and it can do no harm to cause some mayhem at Blackrock's expense. Shockwave agrees and sends Starscream and Frenzy to destroy the weapon. The scene shifts briefly to the Witwicky Auto Repair shop where Buster is desperately trying to fill in for his father, while fielding calls from angry customers. After one hangs up on him, he feels another sudden pain and in that moment engine parts levitate and assemble themselves. Buster is beginning to master the power of the Matrix. Elsewhere G.B.Blackrock is working late as a mysterious stranger enters his offices. Blackrock takes a call from the hospital telling him that Josie has disappeared - apparently through a five storey window! Suddenly his door opens and in steps Josie Beller, no longer paralysed and covered her body coated in circuitry from head to toe. She prefers to be called Circuit Breaker now!



The wider world of Marvel intrudes on Transformers as we get a tale of an ordinary person, transformed into a superhero as a result of their exposure to an extraordinary event. In this Josie Beller's case it was a nasty electricution caused by Shockwave's attack on the Blackrock drilling platform that left her paralysed. But she has used her technological genius to create a suit that not only corrects her paralysis, it also gives her the power to fight Transformers on their own terms. Is everybody else about to pay the price for Shockwave's actions? Most likely. The matter of how the Autobots are able to function without a securing fuel is explained on page seven, for the moment they are using supplies left behind (very considerately) by the Decepticons! Several pages in this issue have been coloured oddly. I'm aware that colouring is achieved by transposing the primary colours over each other and I suspect that on pages six and seven, blue is missing.

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