Transformers UK: Issue #32

Story: The Wrath of Grimlock
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: October 26th, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Barry Kitson
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Grimlock has a bad case of the sulks and takes his frustrations out on Ratchet!

As Grimlock prepares to take out Guardian - and with him all of Mount St Hillary - Wheeljack has one slender chance. Using remote control he commandeers the headless body of Optimus Prime and uses it to grip Grimlock's hand and throw off his aim. The Dinobot struggles to break free, much to the amusement of his troops, and this gives Guardian a chance to revive and escape. Grimlock severs his hand trying to free himself and it has to be reattached by Ratchet. The Dinobot leader is in a foul mood by now and when Ratchet asks him to test his hand, he responds by punching the medic and stomping off!

Deep within the Ark Guardian monitors the situation and realises that Ratchet is reactivating more and more Autobot. It is likely he will soon be overwhelmed and so Guardian reverts to plan B, and activates his self destruct countdown. He then seeks out the largest concentration of the enemy with which to detonate. This happens to be the repair bay where Ratchet now tends to Swoop - all the while with Grimlock looking over his shoulder. Guardian bursts in and the Dinobots lay into him. As Ratchet helps Windcharger to his feet, suggesting that he again use his magnetic powers on Guardian, Swoop revives and raises his blaster. Ratchet throws off the aim (causing a hole in the roof) and tells Swoop that Guardian is packed with explosives. The Dinobot instinctively transforms into pteranadon mode and flies Guardian outside. When he reaches a decent height and distance from the Ark he lets go - and not a moment too soon as Guardian explodes in a giant fireball. Swoop himself is lost in the explosion and presumed destroyed.

Later after the Autobots hold a memorial service the Dinobots decide to leave the Ark and go their seperate ways. Swoop's sacrifice allows Ratchet to complete his work and revive all but one of his fellow Autobots. But elsewhere in a hospital bed a young woman named Josie Beller is preparing to undo all of his hard work!



A tragic note on which to end the story with the apparent death of Swoop. Of course characters rarely die forever in comics (Guardian accepted) and nobody seriously thought this was the last we'd see of the airborne Dinobot. The story begs the question of what will become of his comrades now they have split up, and we'll get the answer to that before long as well. On the letters page the mystery of why Shockwave's toy is not available in the UK has finally been solved. We're told (by Soundwave) that Shockwave forbid Hasbro from making a toy replica because they could not possibly capture his true greatness! Hmmm

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