Transformers UK: Issue #28

Story: Repeat Performance (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: September 28th, 1985
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: William Johnson
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Ratchet's warrior training is complete as he outwits Megatron then attempts to carry them both over a precipice!

G.B. Blackrock chats with the assembled media around his captured assembly plant, confident that the large military presence will be able to defeat the robots responsible. Suddenly Shockwave soars into view, taking out a number of tanks as if they where toys, and leaving Blackrock seething in front of the press. Inside the Plant, Shockwave reveals more of his plan to create more Decepticons by using the Matrix from inside Optimus Prime's mind. Elsewhere - Josie Beller, devastatingly injured during the Decepticons raid on Blackrock's oil rig, tests her newly created means of overcoming her paralysis - with pleasing results.

Back at the Ark, Megatron receives surprising results from Ratchet's seemingly impossible mission - Shockwave's apparent defeat? Upholding his part of the bargain (made in issue 26), Megaton agrees to leave the Ark and meet Ratchet at the designated point. Ratchet knows that Megatron cannot be trusted, and so cautiously arrives at the snowy mountain a short time later. As was expected, Megatron immediately announces that he had no intention to keep his part of the bargain, but it is a double/double-cross as the Dinobots jump out of the snow and Ratchet announces that the images of Shockwave's defeat where simply from the battle 4 million years ago (from Slag's mind). Megatron has no time to show his dismay as the Dinobots begin to attack, but Megatron proves to be more than a match for the five of them.

Pondering Prime's words again Ratchet proves his newly earned warrior status by charging straight into Megatron - who was left precariously on the cliff edge after battling the Dinobots! Ratchet falls back with a thud, and with Megatron not budging an inch - but the admirable attempt to carry them both to their doom is recognised - and he will take great pleasure in giving Ratchet an honourable death! Suddenly the ledge below Megatron crumbles, the impact absorbed by Megatron was also taken by the cliff, and unable to save himself as he falls - Megatron shrinks to his gun mode and disappears into deep snow drifts far below. The Dinobots and Ratchet peer down - but there is nothing. They depart back to the Ark - the Autobots are finally free!



'Who was the deceitful one?' is the question most asked about this issue. True, Megatron admitted that he had no intention of keep his end of the bargain despite the vows taken, but Ratchet's earlier actions meant that he broke the pact first, and became possibly the first Autobot ever to do so! It is always great to see the Dinobots in action - and taking on Megatron - wow! Ratchet, despite his deciet, proves his warrior credentials as he attempts to rid the world of Megatron's evil at the cost of his own life. Luckily Megs repels attack and can fall alone. He'll be back in issue 51 though. The last page is cut short because the Circuit Breaker epilogue that appears in the US version, isn't used here. Presumably this is because it will be a few issues for us before she makes her debut, and instead we are treated to a factfile about Snarl.

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