Transformers UK: Issue #24

Story: The Worse of Two Evils (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Machine Man, The Chromobots, Planet Terry
Cover date: August 10th, 1985
Price: 27p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Alan Kupperberg
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

G.B. Blackrock craddles paralysed computer genius Josie Beller following Shockwave's conquest of the oil drilling platform.

Shockwave's plan to conquer the Earth begins in earnest as he sets his sights on a state-of-the-art oil drilling platform owned by G.B. Blackrock. With the Decepticons still recovering from the effects of poison fuel, it falls to the Decepticon commander to execute the first stages of his plan personally. Blackrock's platform is unusally well defended for a business venture, but still no match for Shockwave's powerful flying gun mode. Inside the rig computer expert Josie Beller activates the defences she helped design, but Shockwave counter attacks and causes a huge electrical discharge to flow through the rig and fry Josie Beller. Miraculously she survives but will be paralysed for ever more. The shattered Blackrock carries her to the surface and surveys the ruins of his grand enterprise, just as Shockwave transforms and tells the survivors to spread the word that reign of the Decepticons has begun!

Back at the Ark (now in Decepticon hands) Megatron is still manacled to a wall undergoing repairs and is seething with hatred as he sees his warriors carrying out Shockwave's orders. He thirsts for his opportunity to destroy the ursurper but timing will be everything. Close-by lays the head of Optimus Prime suspended by several beams. He is being kept alive because Shockwave plans to plunder the Creation Matrix energy which resides in Prime's mind, to create the next generation of Decepticon warriors. Optimus, though helpless, is determined to prevent this and beckons Buster Witwicky to disconnect one of the cables and hold-it up to his head. Buster is a little worried but ultimately trusts Prime and attaches the cable to himself. It immediately earths and administers a severe shock which renders him unconscious! Just what is Prime doing?



Humans coming off worse from an electrical encounter seems to be a theme of this issue with Josie Beller and Buster getting the treatment. The significance of these events will only become apparent later as Josie is reborn as the avenger Circuit Breaker, and Buster discovers that he now possesses the strange powers of the Matrix. Blackrocks oil rig looks more like a fortress for all its defences, and I wonder if this is because he was expecting a Transformer attack? If not it would have been a serious case of overkill. The battle is actually the least interesting part of the story and I find myself more eager to see how Prime and Megatron are dealing with their respective problems.

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