Transformers UK: Issue #21

Story: Raiders of the Last Ark (Part 4)
Back-up strip: Machine Man, The Chromobots, Planet Terry
Cover date: June 29th, 1985
Price: 27p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Mike Collins/Jeff Anderson
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Megatron's little-used ability to draw anti-matter from a black hole means the Autobots have got to get him outside and fast!

The Autobots and Decepticons are both the prisoners of Auntie, the Arks maverick computer who threatens to destroy them all. With the two leaders helpless, Megatron decides to use his rare and incredibly unstable ability to generate anti-matter from a black hole in an attempt to escape Auntie's magnetic clutches. As Optimus begins to have second thoughts over what is more dangerous, Windcharger and Ravage crash into the room after defeating the Guardian.

Auntie is helpless as Ravage pounces into her core and destroys it lightning quick. The two leaders fall to the ground as Auntie's magnetic grip is lost, but as Megatron decides to use the anti-matter power on Prime, Windcharger sends him flying with the largest magnetic field he could muster. Megatron is sent flying outside the Ark and high into the Oregon sky (Windcharger must be the most powerful Autobot ever!), and while Windcharger collapses due to a systems overload - the other Decepticons retreat.

Later Optimus Prime surveys the damage from the Decepticons attack, and realises that they will soon be back ("And back they came" we are told as we are reminded of issue 8's shocking events, and the upcoming continuation).



Marvel UK are obviously very low on material by this point. This issue's Transformers story is only five pages and there are no less than four back-up stories, including strangely enough the saga of Eric the Red - a Viking who explores North America! Issue 8's shocking cliff hanger is also reprinted on page 31 and will be continued in two weeks.

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