Transformers UK: Issue #19

Story: Raiders of the Last Ark (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Machine Man, The Chromobots, Planet Terry
Cover date: June 1st, 1985
Price: 27p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Mike Collins/Jeff Anderson
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Auntie


By Adam Hogg

The Ark's oddly-named computer intelligence 'Auntie' appears and passes judgement of both Transformer factions!

The Decepticons have infiltrated the Autobots base after launching a full scale attack last issue, and Optimus Prime realises that the only way to turn the tide would be to reactivate the Arks computer brain - Auntie! Fleeing the battle immediately, Megatron watches this apparent act of cowardice from the Autobot greatest leader, and realises that he must be up to something.

Prime quickly reconnects the terminals of the machine, confident that it will still be operational despite the damage sustained during the crash to Earth. Suddenly he is sent flying as Megatron puts an end to his scheme, but as Megatron moves in to finish his mortal foe, the machine begins to activate! The room fills with the giant holographic image of Auntie, an awesome machine whose power within the Ark is incredible. The other fighting Transformers around the Ark are suddenly magnetised helplessly to the walls as Auntie puts its defence procedures into operation. Auntie then tells the two helpless leaders that the fighting is unnecessary - and that it will solve the dispute for them - after hearing both arguments.



The Transformers are still being drawn true to their toy forms and consequently look a bit ropey in places. Most obvious is Megatron who has a trigger for a waist which looks a little, well phallic! We learn that it was Auntie who devised the course of action of putting the Ark in collision with Earth, and Optimus Prime's role was simply to agree to this and push a button. Prime's goading of his troops 'call yourselves warriors' doesn't sound like him but there are some nice scraps between lesser-seen characters like Sideswipe and Rumble.

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