Transformers UK: Issue #14

Story: The Enemy Within (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Machine Man
Cover date: 23rd March, 1985
Price: 27p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: John Ridgway
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Ravage has survived the attack by Starscream and returns to the Decepticons thirsting for revenge!

Ravage is first shown to have barely survived his battle against Starscream, but just before he collapses - Megatron shows up with the other Decepticons. It was not explicitly mentioned, but Ravage actually completed his original mission - to find Megatron an worthy excuse to kill Starscream but not dishearten his other warriors.

Not too far away, the unaware Starscream is now attacking a U.S. army base in believing that when the Autobots turn up to help them, the other Decepticons will relish the opportunity to help him beat them - but the Autobots are also having troubles in their ranks! Optimus Prime is now learning of Brawn's desertion after an accident sent him delirious! If he poses a threat to any humans, he realises they will have to stop him by force!

The Character art is now much more recognisable, and although the new artist is still using the toys for inspiration at least Sideswipe looks normal. While Brawn generally causes havoc after seemingly forgotten that not all vehicles are sentient beings (which although was only recently learnt otherwise is still a stupid idea), Starscream causes havoc by shooting down U.S. airforce jets and then appearing on television asking for the Autobots to challenge him! A nice ending with a surprise for both parties, with the Autobots confronting Brawn (don't they care about the U.S. airforce?), while the revenge seeking Decepticons not exactly who Starscream was expecting...



By Omega Steve

A somewhat shocking fatality as Brawn causes a car pile-up, and subsequent explosion. This was only moments after one of the drivers had said goodbye to his wife, promising to be back in an hour! Grim. I like the aspect of Brawn's psychosis that is leading him to feel empathy with his fellow machines, the cars he sees on the road, and wants to free them from the servitude of carbon-based units! When he sets a cop car 'free' and the vehicle refuses to move he batters it for being ungrateful before tearing up a load more parked cars! I can't help thinking that Brawn must have trouble picking anything up with the square brackets he has been drawn with instead of hands! The artist has stayed true to the toy of Brawn (and indeed the others) but some of those models are the way they are for practical reasons. It would be better to strike a happy medium between the toy design and what looks good.

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