Transformers UK: Issue #11

Story: Man of Iron (Part 3)
Back-up strip: Machine Man
Cover date: 9th Feb, 1985
Price: 27p
Script: Steve Parkhouse
Artwork: Mike Collins
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Trailbreaker is in bad shape after a devastating missile attack from a Decepticon jet!

Jazz drives the young boy Sammy Harker through the English countryside towards the Autobot shuttle! Although we have not heard anything like it before, Jazz tells the boy that his real name is unpronounceable and so just call him Jazz. They meet up with Trailbreaker and Mirage just before they are attacked by the Decepticon jets. Trailbreaker is hit really badly (in fact half of him is blown to pieces!), while Mirage causes one of the Decepticons to crash into a bridge (who practically disintegrates on impact!). While Jazz continues to be pursued by another Decepticon, Bluestreak appears on a flyover and shoots him down, blowing the Decepticon to pieces. Despite these devastating looking injuries, most of the Transformers will appear quite soon back in one piece!

Jazz arrives at the shuttle and introduces Sammy to Optimus Prime. Prime is interested in the picture of the Man of Iron, and is certain that the signal and this mythical being are connected. Prime believes the signal to be from a rescue craft that was sent from Cybertron, and which is located beneath the castle. They must stop the humans and the Decepticons from finding it at all cost!



Time for a price rise, everyone's favourite comic now costs 2p more than before, although we now have a few more page's in colour, and I know what I prefer. Some deadly battle scenes this issue with Autobots and jets being literally blown apart by an opponents weapons. I've never seen Transformers take such damage before and in some ways this is more realistic, although as mentioned above, they do seem to recover rather quick. With Sammy meeting the Autobots the plot is suddenly a lot clearer.

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