Transformers UK: Issue #10

Story: Man of Iron (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Machine Man
Cover date: 26th Jan, 1985
Price: 25p
Script: Steve Parkhouse
Artwork: John Ridgway
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Sammy has a weird dream about the Man of Iron just as Mirage appears at his bedroom window!

The weirdness from last issue goes even further now as young Sammy dreams of all sort of strange things. He wakes up and climbs out of his bedroom window and (floats?) onto the roof, then the Autobot shuttle flies overhead and one of the Decepticon planes (Skywarp when you look at the coloured edition) appears in his garden. Then he flies through the air while he also sleeps in his bed in the field below, all while Mirage walks through his town. Mirage looks through his bedroom window and Sammy starts floating in his bedroom while the ancient picture of the Man of Iron flies out the window and into Mirage's hand! Then Sammy's father charges into his room to find him sleeping peacefully, but with the window having blown open - and while he shuts it he notices a giant figure walking off into the distance - Mirage!

The next morning, Roy finds that the entire castle has been cordoned off after the scanning for the unexploded bomb has revealed an object the size of an ocean liner buried underneath the castle ruins! Although the army wants to keep the situation quiet, Roy is worried that his son might know more than all of them. Meanwhile Sammy is looking at a Porsche in his street when he notices the picture of the man of iron in the back seat. Suddenly the door opens and Jazz asks him to get in, something he does after a bit of resistance. Suddenly his mum see him sitting in the car and tells him to get out, but Jazz shuts his door and drives off at speed while Sammy screams for help! We are given a short message about never accepting lifts from strangers - even if they are Transformers!



I still can't work out why the Autobots are so interested in Sammy Harker, but their tactics in getting him to talk to them leave a lot to be desired. Next issue called it persuasion but most would call it Kidnapping! Man of Iron is a different kind of story in that it is told from the humans' perspective and with Transformers making cameos. In this way they are able to appear a lot more mysterious and alien.

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