Transformers comic reviews

Transformers reached its milestone 30th anniversary in 2014 and has tasted success on the small and large screen and of course in comics. In this section we review Transformers titles published by Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW from 1984 to the present day.


Read reviews of Transformers comics from 2010 to the present or click the pictures below for older stories.

2005-09 comics
2005-09 Age of IDW

Transformers is reborn for a new generation under the stewardship of IDW and Simon Furman. Prepare for intergalactic war!

2002-04 comics
2002-04 The Dreamwave era

A little-known Canadian comics company called Dreamwave picks up the rights to Transformers but its reign is bold but short lived.

1990-94 comics
Marvel Issues #251-332

It is armageddon as Unicron attacks the Transformers' homeworld, and a new threat emerges in the form of a galactic Cybertronian empire.

1988-89 comics
Marvel Issues #146-250

A rift in time threatens to Earth and Cybertron of two eras, and later Starscream is transformed into a demi-God and decimates the Autobots and Decepticons.

1986-87 comics
Marvel Issues #42-145

Optimus Prime is destroyed in a video game and Grimlock takes over. Meanwhile on Nebulos a new breed of Transformer is born.

1984-85 comics
Marvel Issues #1-93

The war between the Autobots and Decepticons spills over to Earth and the early days are desperate times for the heroic forces.