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Last updated: 29th November 2015
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Matt Moylan's Lil Formers - click for original image


The Allspark
Transformers news, Transformers The Movie news, Beast Wars, G1.
A stylish site for Italian Transformers fans with news and reviews, and for those who don't speak Italian there is a gallery of wallpaper images.


Ben's World of Transformers
Now seven years old, BWTF.COM is dedicated to covering Transformers in all its incarnations from G1 to Cybertron, with reviews and a gallery with hundreds of images.

Transformers toys for sale on auction sites.

Blood for the Baron
Fans of Transformers' back-up strip 'GI Joe the Action Force' and 'Zoids' will enjoy this shrine to them complete with scanned stories.


Comics News International
A good place to go for covers and spoilers of upcoming Transformers comics.

Cybertron Philippines
A news website (in English) for Transformer fans in the Philippines with toy reviews and some cool pictures.


Disciples of Boltax
Musings from Jim Sorenson and a few guest bloggers about Transformers, character models, science-fiction, comic books, and whatever else is on our minds.


From the Tip
The blog of IDW editor Denton Tipton. It's got comic release dates, artwork and other info, but is not updated often.


The Galvatrons
Aussie group inspired by Gary Newman and TF's very own Stan Bush - describing their sound as 'the disco scene of a grand space opera'.

GB Posters
If your wall could use a dose of giant battling robots then look no further than GB Posters who have a selection of movie posters including Transformers Movie.


Hasbro Official Site
Check out Hasbro's new Transformers toy but be warned - the background music gets irritating after a while!


IDW Publishing
IDW, based in San Diego, California, currently holds the license to publish Transformers comics. Go here for their latest news and art and to join the debate on their lively message boards.


Lil Formers
Hilarious Transformers cartoons from the talented Matt Moylan. There's a new one every Monday.


Me Love Grimlock
Transformers parody site in flash and centred around everyone's favourite Dinobot!


Nick Roche is a Bad Man
An madcap, off-the-wall, and entertaining blog from IDW's artist and writer extraordinaire Nick Roche.

Nordic Transfans Association
A Scandanavian fansite in English that is well worth a visit. It has news and images of new toys plus a database of just about every G1 character. I'm impressed.


Rob's Pile of Transformers
Lots to recommend here including some cool articles, Transformer quotes, audio clips, and a good many links. Definitely worth a visit.

Robotcity World
A Transformers fansite that revolves around the site owner's creations and storylines, with contributions from other fans.

Ryall Time
This blog by IDW editor in chief Chris Ryall is a great place to get preview art and spoilers for upcoming TF comics.


Major resource for Transformers toy news and the website event transforms! Plus videoes, games, images and boards.

Shane McCarthy's Blog
Australian writer Shane McCarthy is currently penning All Hail Megatron and other projects for IDW. See his blog for teasers and cover art.

Simon Furman's Blog
The man, the legend that is Simon Furman. Visit his blog for news on his latest projects and 'teasers' of upcoming stories.

Soundwave's Oblivion
A complete listing of Transformers 1984 to present including pre-transformers, plus high-res toy photograph galleries, tech specs, cartoon images and a translated Japanese Tech Spec archive.


Transformers Club
Go here to become a member of Hasbro's offical Transformers Club site and receive exclusive toys and comic strips.

Transformers Costume
Commercial site selling costumes so you can dress up as your favourite Transformers movie characters. Could be handy if you're off to a fancy dress party.

A good place to go for the latest news from the worlds of Transformer toys, comics and animation.

TF Archive
One of the best known and most comprehensive Transformer resources on the web with sections on the comics, cartoons and toys.

TF.Net Community
A popular UK TF site with well supported message boards.
TotalTFs is celebrating five years online and a message board that has been a popular place to discuss all things Transformers for 11 years. The site is presented by the Autobot Hoist!

Transformers @ The Moon
UK based website containing hundreds of pictures of toys, comics, videos, and all other Transformer merchandise.

Transformer Land
This site is the place to go if you are after Transformers toys and parts. It even has a facility to help you identify TF accessories and which figures they belong to.

A website that has been online since 1997 and contains detailed character profiles and pics of TF toys in their original boxes. There are also regular news updates.

Unreal Books
Original comic art from the pages of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Dreamwave, IDW pubications, including a lot of Transformers art is available to buy here. Artists including TF's Alex Milne are available to commission.


Vaults of Iacon
Transformers toy reviews website with lots of great photos.

Legendary TF-comics double act Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman have a website touting their services.