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Undersea action: When Galvatron battled Pirranacon

Scans page

January 2nd: A Happy New Year to all supporters of the OneShallStand store and visitors to this website! As we get into 2017 it is amazing to think that - 33 years on - the franchise is as healthy as ever. We can look forward to more fantastic toys, comics and TV adventures this year (and another Michael Bay film if that floats your boat). IDW continues to keep the fires burning in printed form, but let's remember it was Marvel US and UK that started it all. As a treat for fans we're looking back this month at 'Enemy Action', Simon Furman's 1988 story where the Seacons (and their combined form, Pirranacon) take on their leader's would-be rival Galvatron, and the Firecons debut. Read the entire comic strip on our popular Scans Page


Fresh start for More than Meets the Eye and (ex) RID


August 21st: The celebrated writer Simon Furman often said about Transformers: "it never ends". So it shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone that, when the final issues of the Transformers ongoing comic and More Than Meets Eye roll off the printing press in October, it won't REALLY be the end. Both titles will conclude at issue #57 before rising again Phoenix-like as Transformers: Optimus Prime and Transformers: The Lost Light (in November and December respectively).
John Barber will be joined by artist Kei Zama (Scarlett Witch) on the Optimus Prime title, in which the Autobot leader protects Earth from alien threats. Meanwhile The Lost Light will continue the adventures of Rodimus and his crew on their space-faring quest to find the long-lost Knights of Cybertron. James Roberts resumes writing duties and will be joined on art by Jack Lawrence (Doctor Who Adventures). The titles will join the currently running Transformers: Till All Are One.


IDW titles to undergo a Revolution in September


August 1st: Transformers comic publisher IDW is promising "nothing will be the same" after its latest (and possibly most ambitious) crossover 'Revolution' starts in September.
There will be a five-part mini series plus tie-ins which bring together Hasbro properties, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and GI JOE, with Micronauts, ROM, and ACTION MAN. These elements come together in an "epic event that results in an all-new status quo for all involved", says IDW. Continuity up-to-now remains, they added.
OneShallStand will stock the core Revolution five parter (written by Cullen Bunn and John Barber with art by Fico Ossio), plus the double-sized preview 'Road to Revolution' and one-shots, Transformers Revolution, TF Revolution: All Are One and TF More than Meets the Eye: Revolution. Michael Kelly, Head of Global Publishing at Hasbro, said: “We’ve done plenty of crossovers in the past but nothing near this scope or scale. Our heroes, whether they are from Earth or from distant reaches of the galaxy, all have one thing in common: their powers and abilities are based primarily on technology. We have been able to use this fact to build a natural and believable link between all of these disparate characters.”


Transformers: Till All Are One a 'very human' story

New series - Till All Are One

May 19th: IDW is launching a third monthly ongoing Transformers comic.
Unlike More than Meets the Eye and the former Robots in Disguise titles, set respectively in deep space and on Earth, the new series - Transformers: Till All Are One - will focus on Cybertron and the struggles of various characters who are attempting to reunite the planet following millions of years of civil war.
Writer Mairghread Scott (of Windblade fame) told Newsarama: "I like to think we're the most 'human' of the Transformers books. Till All Are One is first and foremost the struggle of imperfect people trying to (re)build a world together."
Core characters will be Starscream, who has reinvented himself for the peacetime era as a slippery, conniving politician and leader, and the noble Windblade has "found herself increasingly pushed into morally grey areas for the greater good", says Scott. Fan favourites, the Combaticons will also guest star. The series will be stocked by the OneShallStand store - go here to preorder it.


Optimus Prime: Earth's saviour... or conqueror?

All Hail Optimus Prime

December 2015: Optimus Prime has got the whole world in his hands in this cover for the landmark Transformers ongoing fiftieth issue. The double-sized comic, written by series regular John Barber (released in February but still in stock), begins a new multi-part story which promises long lasting repurcussions. Optimus Prime declares Earth to be part of Cybertron's Council of Worlds sparking war with the Decepticons and the humans. Will he be the planet's "saviour or a dangerous demagogue"? With Megatron now good, is it possible Prime is turning bad? Issue 50 and onwards hold the answers. Order them here.