Remembering Crisis of Command
What is it about this tale, published over three weeks in January 1986, which still strikes a chord more than 21-years later? More

An interview with Dan Reed
Artist Dan Reed talks about how he got a job with Marvel UK, trouble with customs, and launching his own comic titles.

An interview with Bob Budiansky
He wrote tech specs and the US Transformers comic from issue #5 to #55. Get the behind-the-scenes story from the ultimate man in the know.

Remembering Target:2006
OneShallStand presents its top 20 moments from a story that became an instant classic 20 years ago and remains so today. More

Roche and Roberts Wreck n' Rule!
Last Stand of the Wreckers is the first Transformers series of the new decade and we speak to writers Nick Roche and James Roberts about what to expect. More

Hailing frequencies open!
Transformers: All Hail Megatron writer Shane McCarthy speaks to OneShallStand about his experiences on the book so far and dealing with criticism from fans. More

Rodimus bubble bath and Optimus soap!
A host of weird and wonderful Transformers memorabilia awaited guests at Auto Assembly in Birmingham... as well as a chance to meet comic creators. More

London welcomes IDW creators
When IDW big names Chris Ryall, Simon Furman and Nick Roche visited London in June 07 was there to meet them. More

Robot War 1984-85
Read an overview of the early years of the Transformer war on Earth and how the Autobots and Optimus Prime bounced back from certain defeat.

Robot War 1988
The year started explosively with a trip to the Planet of Junk in the year 2008.

Transformers Comic: A guide
Transformers was launched in the US as a four issue mini series and ended up running for eight years. Read Crespo's guide to the Transformers comic.

City of Fear
Ultra Magnus and the Sparklers fend off an army of zombies in the classic Transformers UK story City of Fear.

Transformer in focus: Blaster
Blaster is one of my favourite Autobots and was excellently portrayed by US writer Bob Budiansky. Read on an find out why so many Transfans think Blaster is cool!

Oh no they killed Oppy!
Apart from Kenny from South Park no character has been killed off and revived as many times as Optimus Prime. Just what was going on?

Transformer bloopers!
Even an excellent comic such as Transformers makes the occasional blunder.
Read about some of them here and send in your own 'bloopers'.