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This site is owned and administered by Omega Steve, a fan of Transformers - and its various comics in particular - since 1985. That summer, aged 11, he was enjoying the summer break before starting secondary school, when Arrival From Cyberton, the first episode of the Sunbow Transformers cartoons was broadcast in the UK. The idea of a age-old civil war fought by factions of giant robots able to alter their shapes, fired Steve's young imagination and so when he saw issue 23 of the Marvel UK Transformers comic in the shops shortly after, he bought it and the rest as they say is history.

Transformers swiftly became the flagship title of Marvel UK and ran for 332 issues. It reprinted material from the monthly Transformers comic in the United States, but because it was weekly for much of its run it generated many of its own stories (nearly all of them written by Simon Furman and illustrated by the likes of Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson, Dan Reed and others).

Real life took over and Transformers seemed destined to become a cherished childhood memory until about summer 2001, when he decided it would be fun to start a website (after all almost everyone was doing it then), and what better subject matter than those much-loved Transformers comics from his youth. During his next visit home he dug them out of storage and re-read them and who would have thought it, they were still as good to his 27 year old eyes as they were when he was a teenager.

Steve's Transformers Fansite went online in July 2001, initially with mini reviews and a couple of essays/articles about various characters and stories. Then came the news that Dreamwave was to harness a wave of 80s nostalgia for francises like Transformers, by bringing the book back. This brought ever more visitors to Steve's fansite and ultimately led to more in depth comic reviews (some by contributors), scans and message boards, and what is now a central feature of the site - the comic store.

In late 2004 Dreamwave went bankrupt, seemingly bringing to an end (once more) the novelty of an new Transformers material. Yet the demand, although diminished, had not gone away, and a new publisher entered the fray in 2005 - IDW. Thank goodness they did because the stories have never been better and the fan interaction from editor in chief Chris Ryall and his team is second to none. The idea for the name OneShallStand.com came to Steve one day in mid-2003 as he was walking to work alongside the Thames. It is of course a famous line uttered by Prime during his final fateful confrontation with Megatron in Transformers the Movie and seemed to evoke memories of that character, that battle and that much-loved film. As luck would have it the name had not been registered (unlike all the other site names Steve came up with) so his dotcom was born and the site was duly transferred from its former Tripod domain. 2008 will mark its fifth year of existance.

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